The Club

The Yacht Club Punta Ala was founded on July 24th, 1976 with the signing of the Constitution Act by the Founders who later appointed Mr. Giampiero Pesenti as their President.
The Club was originally located near the Piazzetta dell’Approdo. It didn’t take long for the Club to feel the need of undertaking institutional sporting activities and so the first sailing events began. At the same time, the fast growth of the number of members and the quantity and quality of the events, made the need to give the Club a suitable location.
The first authorizations for building the new Club House eventually came in 1992, thanks to Mr. Bruno Calandriello, unforgettable Commodore. The new Club House was inaugurated on July 7th, 1995.
Sport has also given force to the Club sailing school which had the chance to develop its structure, its fleet and the number of attendees to courses and youth events. Currently, the Sailing School is divided into two sections: the first, during summer time, is manly directed to those who want to learn the basic sailing and the second, also during winter, dedicated to get young sailors ready to face competitions.
The Sailing School offers different type of boats such as Optimist, Laser, Vaurien, 29er RSFeva, etc in order to satisfy everyone’s need and to respond properly to different educational experiences and competitions. YCPA Sailing School is also affiliated to the Italian Sailing Federation for the under 16, Match Racing and Parasailing activity.
All the sport initiatives of the Club are characterized by the professionalism of our instructors and collaborators. The dedication of all Members, Directors and collaborators has led to spread the prestige and the appreciation of our Club all over the world. A success which has led the Club to an amazing adventure: the 2000 and 2004 prestigious editions of the America’s Cup with both crucial moments and the winning of the Vuitton Cup in 2000. On top of the America’s Cup, all the sailing events organized by the Club in 30 years time have to be remembered as well: Offshore Championships, Star class, Soling, Mumm36, Melges24 World Championships IOR first and later  IMS European Championships, J22 and Mumm30 Italian Championships, the TP52 series and many others, including the now famous offshore race "151 Miglia”. It is also important to remember our Gavitello d’Argento - Challenge Trophy "Bruno Calandriello" dedicated to offshore club teams and the development of an ever-growing sailing activity for the disabled, in collaboration with the Italian Sailing Federation and the Marina di Punta Ala Spa.

The summer sailing school is located at the pinewood just on the sea and the stylish entrance leads to the beach where it’s wonderful to see our young “would-be” sailors learning and becoming more and more good at sailing.
The Club House, located in Punta Ala’s Marina, faces the Tuscan archipelago and in detail Sparviero, Elba, Cerboli and Palmaiola islands all well known cruise destinations and amazing locations enriched by the beauty of nature, history and culture.
Punta Ala is located at the very heart of Maremma, a Tuscan area which has ancient traditions and is cradle of the Etruscans, Romans and of the Medieval civilization. It is surrounded by cities and towns which are rich of environmental, cultural, archaeological and traditional assets.